Uterine Fibroid

Uterine fibroid are benign tumor that originates in the uterus. They form by the smooth muscle fibers as the same of uterine wall (Myometrium) but it is more dense than the myometrium.

Causes of Uterine Fibroid:

  1. Most of the time it is developed due to unknown reason
  2. Mostly it occur age group between 20yrs to 40 years.
  3. It may be due to the genital anomalies, hormonal changes, any injury, family history is the key factors..
  4. Overweight and hypothyroidism is another cause
  5. While early pregnancy decrease the chances of uterine fibroid development.


  1. Most women with uterine fibroids have no symptoms
  2. Excess Uterine bleeding is the most common symptoms
  3. Heavy menstruation.
  4. Painful menstrual history .
  5. Prolonged periods (it may be more than a week).
  6. Frequent urination.
  7. Painful Intercourse
  8. Sometime Abdominal swelling
  9. Constipation
  10. Backache or leg pain, anemia, anorexia etc are secondary symptoms.
  11. It can be classified by their location:
  12. Intramural fibroid grow within the muscular uterine wall
  13. Sub mucosal fibroid in to the uterine cavity
  14. Subserosal fibroid projected outside the wall of uterous.

Although uterine fibroids usually not dangerous but they can produce discomfort and some complication as anemia, most of the time fibroid dose not interfere with getting pregnancy but sometime specially sub mucosal fibroid produce infertility or loss of pregnancy and other complications of pregnancy like Miscarriage.

Ayurvedic Concept and treatment of Uterine fibroids:

In Ayurveda, uterine fibroid may be correlated with localize granthi. Pathogenesis of granthi is propound as when tridoshas are vitiated, Rakt dhatu(Blood), Mamsa dhatu(Fleshy muscles) and medo dhatu (adipose tissue) that are combined with kapha and produces glandular hard swelling known as granthi.

Ayurvedic treatment of uterine fibroid/granthi works accordingly to samprapti vightana, meanwhile breckdown of the pathogenesis. Granthi or Uterine fibroid is vata kaph dominance tridoshaj vyadhi and dusya are Rakta, Mamsa, and meda. Hence the treatment plan should be Raktashodhan, Lekhan, Srotoshodhan, vata kapha shamak.

Some herbal preparation are most commonly used in the treatment of uterine fibroid are Shigru, kachnar, Manjistha, ashoka, chitraka, varuna, etc. Kachnar guggulu, shigru guggulu, kumaryasav, ashokaristam etc. But selection of medicine depends upon the physical status of patient and clinical condition of disease.

Ashtang Ayurveda lucknow doing Shodhan chikitsa (Purification ) through Panchkarma procedures, in which snehpaan and abhyangam, swedan, vamana, virechan sometime uttar vasti are planned for the better result. It is completely curable disease through ayurvedic medicine and panchkarma treatment and can be avoid surgery of uterine fibroid.

Home remedies: Black Til 10 gm at early morning with lukewarm water is helpful.