An infection of the urinary tract that carries the urine from the kidneys to the external orifice is called as a urinary tract infection. It is mostly accompanied by a few characteristic symptoms with which it can be diagnosed clinically. It is one of the most common type of infection affecting the general population. It is not a deadly disease and symptoms may at times subside by themselves. At other times, medical treatment may be required. Urinary tract infections can recur if ignored and may rarely become a serious health concern.


Etiology of menier's disease is unknown but risk factors are family history, autimmune disorder allergy trauma to head or ear, some internal ear infection. Peak incidencd is between 20-50age group.


  1. Pain or burning upon urination.
  2. Fever with or without chills .
  3. Increased frequency or urgency to pass urine.
  4. Urine may be blood stained and pink in color.
  5. Pain and cramping may also occur in the lower abdomen.
  6. Foul smelling urine or cloudy urine.