• Indrajeet Patel

    “An ayurvedic clinic to take care of diseases by ayurvedic preparatory medicine & ritual of panchkarma. You will feel satisfied with the doctor's advice & medicine. Please visit in case of any disease related to Eye, ENT, High BP, Diabetes, Dengu fever & other .”

  • Vikas Gupta

    “You are doing great job doctor. ur centre is so gd as well as both of u. thanks for ur kindness and treatment. thanks for healthy life ahead.”

  • Prachi Sharma

    “I m fully satisfied by my Treatment... Loved d way Dr Pramod chaudhary Treat their patients... 1 of the best Ayurvedic clinic in Lucknow..... ”

  • Rana bardhan

    “Those cannot avail the superspecialty ayurvedic hospital in Lucknow namely Ashtang ayurveda and panchkarma centre where you can treat any disease permanently at affordable prices, this place is an alternative”

  • Shashank Yadav

    “Centre is very good and Dr Pramod chaudhary is an amazing doctor who can help in relaxing you and take you forward with your treatment.”

  • Vandana das

    “I had a very good experience at the centre.I had gone to Dr Pramod chaudhary for the treatment of my asthma and skin allergy.My asthma is much better n am greatly relieved of my skin allergy.”