Sarvangadhara or Parisheka treatment is a priceless gift of Ayurveda towards a comprehensive psycho-somatic healing. The beauty of the treatment is that it can be taken by both categories of people – the healthy and the ailing. It is not only a time-tested effective remedy for many physical ailments, but also the best in the business of relieving the mind related stress.

Body and mind are the sides of the same coin. If one is healthy, the other too is healthy but if one is disturbed, it has its bad impact on the other too. Both have to function in a synchronized way so as to contribute to our psycho-somatic wellness.
Ayurveda and the treatment modalities in the system have always preached a holistic approach towards the body-mind component giving equal importance to both.

“Sarvanga Dhara or Kayaseka falls into the category of Swedana (fomentation, sweat inducing, and sudation) type of treatment. To be precise, it falls into the Parisheka Sweda (stream pouring of medicated liquids like oil, ghee, milk, kashayam, buttermilk etc) sub-category of Swedana Chikitsa."

Before knowing what Sarvanga Dhara is, we shall try to have a brief introduction of Swedana and Parisheka Sweda for a better understanding.