Obesity is one of a common chronic condition that is defined by an excess amount of fat in the body. In general, obesity indicates overweight, i.e., body weight more than the weight that is considered healthy. Fat is necessary for our body but, in a certain amount and not in excess.


Etiology of menier's disease is unknown but risk factors are family history, autimmune disorder allergy trauma to head or ear, some internal ear infection. Peak incidencd is between 20-50age group.


  1. Difficulty in sleeping.
  2. A person may suffer from the problem of sleep apnea.
  3. Shortness of breath is another symptom of obesity.
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Ayurveda Concept :

Ayurveda is one of an oldest system of health care that helps maintain healthy body in a natural way. According to this system of healthcare, Obesity is known as "Medarog". Obesity occurs due to an abnormal increase of Kapha dosha in the body. According to Ayurveda, our body is made up of 7 dhatus. These dhatus are Rasa (lymph), Maans (muscle), Meda (fat), Majja (Nervous system), Rakta (blood), Asthi (bones) and Shukra (reproductive system). In obese people, Meda (fat) is excessively nourished while other dhatus are malnourished.