Netradhara is an eye treatment procedure it is also known as Netra parisheka in which different herbal decoction are using for eye wash. It has properties of cleaning and chakshusya (improving vision). It also increases the blood supply in the eye muscles and retina so regenerate the damage cells and increase the power of muscles.

Selection of herbs for netradhara is depends upon the predominance of dosa it maybe vataj Pittaj or kaphaj or tridosaj. Some herbs we are using in netradhara, yastimadhu, Triphala, Lodhra, Daruharidra, Honey, Milk, saindhav salt, Sunthi etc and other chakshusya medicine depends upon the diseases.

“ Application of Herbal extract with yashtimadhu, madhu or gulabjala inside the eyes helps to remove foreign matter from the eyes”

Netra dhara is an effective Ayurvedic treatment for the eyes, and usually is a 30 minutes procedure. This process includes washing of the eyes with a medicated mixture of oils.

Indication of Netradhara:

It eliminates fatigue and pain from the eyes, relieves their muscular tension, helps improve the eye sight, helps in healing, reduces wrinkles, and simultaneously brings luster to the eyes.

Refrative error (Myopia, Hypermetropia, astigmatism, Presbyopia).



Retinitis Pigmentosa.

Macular degeneration.

Stargardt’s disease.

Dry eye syndrome.

And so many others eye diseases Netradhara is recommended.