Nasyam is the one of the panchkarma procedures in which Medicine is administered through the nasal passage. This therapy is effective in clearing and cleansing the area above the clavicle (ayurveda known as Urdwajatrugata ) it including Eye, ENT, Dentistry, and Head. At the beginning of the therapy, the head and shoulder regions are given a gentle massage and hot fomentation. Then nasal drop is administered in both the nostrils doses depends upon the disease and condition of patients.


Sometime powder and decoction also used according to the diseases. This brings about the cleaning of the entire head region and relieves various types of headache, migraine, hair problems, sleep disorders, neurological disorders, sinusitis, chronic rhinitis and respiratory diseases.
It is also effective in the treatment of Cerebro vascular attacks, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis. Helps to maintain voice clarity, prevents degeneration of cervical spine and all the eye, ENT, Dentistry and head region diseases. Nasya is highly useful in endocrinology and psychiatry also. For pumsavana sanskar nasya is indicated, it works from anterior pituitary axis to ovarian axis. So Nasyam has got special utility for women disorders.

Nasyam has been classified in 3 categories:

1. Brimhan Nasya for Vata and Pitta disorder

2. Samana Nasya for Pitta and Pitta vata disorder

3. Sodhan Nasya for Kapha and kaphanubandha pitta disorder

Brimhan nasya is done with milk, oil and ghee. Mostly we are using ksheerbala tail, dhanwantaram tail, karpasthyadi tail, mahasneha, kalyanak ghritam etc.
Saman nasya is done in pitta disorders. It is tail and ghrita like Anu tail, ksheera etc Virechana nasya is done in mainly kaphaj disorders. Mainly using churna, decoction, svaras, tailam. Like trikatu churna, katphal churna rasnadi churna tambul swaras, Dronpuspi swaras, Tulasi swaras, and shadbindu tailam.

Indication of Nasya Karma:

Retinitis Pigmentosa

Macular Degeneration


Tension headache

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Mysthenia gravis


Hearing loss

Graying of hairs

Acute sinusitis

Nasal polyp

Cervical spondylitis

. Insomnia

Language disorder


. Anosmia

And so many others diseases in which nasya is recommended. Standard dose of nasya karma is 10, 8 or 6 drops depends upon the rogi and roga bal.