Nasal polyps are bulb like soft structures originating from nasal and para nasal mucous lining. Chronic sinusitis, chronic allergic rhinitis and fibrosis all are seen with development of these nasal polyps. All these diseases cause chronic inflammation and manifest as nasal polyp.

Ayurveda View:

The problem of nasal polyp has been described as nasaarsha in Ayurveda. Nasaarsh has been caused due to chronic irritation. Allergy or recurrent cold has been a strong reason for that. Oral as well local treatments for this problem has been suggested.


Local application of some oils (Nasya) over polyps is advised to shrink them. The root cause being allergy is also to be dealt. For the same the medicines that are anti allergic and immune booster are advised. Some medicine like Chitrak hareetaki, Nasarsh tail, Anu tail, Shadbindu tail, Punarnava Mandoor, haridra rasayan etc are used in the treatment of Nasal polyp.

Home remedies and precaution for Nasal Polyp:

  • Avoid sudden temperature variation .
  • Avoid cold water intake and cold water bath in winter season.
  • Take turmeric powder and cow ghee with milk at Night
  • Avoid curd in night
  • Instilled 3-3 drops in both nostrils at night
  • Take steam inhalation once or twice daily