Lumber Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is generally termed as low back pain among common population. But lumbar spondylosis might not be the only reason for low back pain. Good thing is, there is definite Ayurvedic treatment for lumbar spondylosis.


Aging – As the human body ages, spinal disc and cartilage deteriorate decreasing the amount of space present between each vertebra. Nerve exposure can lead to nerve inflammation or irritation.
Genetic abnormalities – Due to genetic abnormality there may be thin and weak vertebra, making them more susceptible to lumbar spondylosis.
Injury – Injury to the spine, may be due to a fall or an accident, leads to dislodgement of the vertebral disc causing lumbar spondylosis.


  1. Pain and stiff back in the morning .
  2. Sitting for a long time increases pain
  3. Pain gets worse with repeated movements, such as lifting and bending.
  4. Variation in sensation, maybe numbness and tingling sensation.

Ayurveda Concept :

Yogaraja guggulu, Maha Yogaraja guggulu,Trayodashang guggulu, Simhanada guggulu, vatari guggulu, Dhanvantara vati – Relieves pain and inflammation.
Gandha taila, ksheerabala 101, Dhanwantharam 101, Guggulu tiktaka ghrita – Hydrates and rejuvenates the disc and joints.
Rasna saptaka kashayam, Maharasnadi kashayam, Dhanwantharam kashayam, Sahacharadi kashayam, Astavarga kashayam, Dashamoola kashayam – Pacifies the vitiated vata and kapha.
Narayana taila, Murivenna, Kottamchukkadi taila, Karpuradi taila, Ksheerabala taila, Dhanvantara taila – Used for abhyanga which improves blood circulation, strengthens the muscles and alleviates the vitiated vata dosha.

Ayurvedic treatment of Menier's disease :

  1. Vata pitta shaman
  2. Ras dhatu vardhanam
  3. Madhura ras to subside vitiated vata pitta.
  4. Panchkarma procedures performed in menier's disease by Ashtang ayurveda and panchkarma Kendra are very effectively in this disease. Recommended procedures are Brimhan Nasya, Abhayangam and swedanam for shodhan, snehpaana and virechan, sirodhara or shirovasti, and rasayan chikitsa. Approximate duration of treatment for panchkarma is 18-21 days.

Patient expectation :

No cure exists for Meniere's disease, but a number of treatments can help reduce the severity and frequency of vertigo episodes. There are no treatments for the hearing loss that occurs with Meniere's disease. While ayurvedic treatment and panchkarma procedure improve the patients and also reduces all symptoms like vertigo hearing loss and tinnitus. Expected time of treatment depending upon the severity of symptoms but generally 1-2 year regular oral ayurvedic medication and 2-3 course of panchkarma therapy found gross improvement up to 50-80% depending upon the severity of disease .

Home remedies for menier's disease :

  • Ardrak (Ginger) rasayan with jeggry (gud) at afternoon.
  • Ras dhatu vardhanam
  • Nasal administration of cow ghee 2-2 drops.
  • Head massage with til tail
  • Cow ghee regular intakes in your diet.