Kizhi Swedanam

Ayurveda is a science with amazing power of cure and care. Kizhi is an Ayurveda treatment with some specialty. The word or term “Kizhi” is taken from Malayalam language from south India. It can be define in many ways. Kizhi is used in different type in ayurveda

Podikizhi Or Churna Pinda Sweda:

Churna panda sweda is a dry type fomentation. It is recommended where oil application is restricted and amavastha, it is used in ama vata (Rheumatoid arthritis) poly myositis, Demylination, acute disc prolapsed etc. churna dravya will be different according to disease and condition like baluka (sand) salt, kulatha etc.
The temperature should be maintaine at 42-45 degree and duration should be 30 minutes.

Elakizhi Or Patrapotala Svedanam:

Patra panda swedana or patrapotala swedana is highly effective in the treatment of pain. We do abhyangam (massage) first before starting the patrapotala svedana. It is highly useful in any inflammation, joint pain, joint stiffness, osteoarthritis, frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis, slip disc, low backache etc

Shastikashali Panda Sweda Or Navarakizhi:

Inducing perspiration by using heated round packs or bolus of rice is referred as ‘Shashtikashali pinda sweda, also popularly known as Navarakizhi. This is an easy and effective procedure of sudation. Navarakizhi strengthens muscles and improves nerve conduction. It enhances the smoothness and lusture of the skin.

Procedure: Rice bolus is boiled in decoction of sida cordifolia and milk and tied in pieces of cloth to prepare packs.Warm rice pack is applied to the body and there by inducing sudation(sweat).”


It has proven efficacy and indicated in muscular disorders, neurological disorders, emaciation and blood related problems.

Improves the blood circulation and metabolism and makes the body feel lighter and relaxed.

It increases the lusture and softness of the skin.

Effective treatment in vata induced disorders.





Neurological disorders like paralysis.

Cerebral palsy.


Generalise weakness.

Muscular atrophy, contraction of muscles.

After completion of shastikshali panda swedan immediately wipe the body and do lukewarm oil application to prevent hypothermia and complication arising from that.