Stress and anxiety, both are mental health issue which interfere daily life routines. But at the some point these may be serious issues. If left untreated may lead to serious complications so care should be taken in the beginning only. Many people experience stress and anxiety from time to time in their life. Anxiety is feeling of fear, worry or uneasiness. Stress is what makes you feel frustrated or irritated. Let's know in detail about stress and anxiety!


Etiology of menier's disease is unknown but risk factors are family history, autimmune disorder allergy trauma to head or ear, some internal ear infection. Peak incidencd is between 20-50age group.


  1. Lack of sleep.
  2. Working schedule.
  3. Some health related complications .
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Death of close relatives or family members.
  6. Conflicts in professional lives.

Ayurveda Concept :

Ayurveda is a natural science which believes in taking care of health naturally. People opt for ayurvedic treatment these days as natural supplements are without any side effects and can be taken on regular basis.

Ayurvedic treatment of Anxiety :

  1. Many herbal products are available at herbal stores claiming permanent cure for various health diseases. Buyers should have knowledge of authentic products. Better consult an Ayurveda expert before using any natural supplement as dose varies as per the body constitution and severity of symptoms of any health condition. So it is always advised to see the doctor.

Home remedies for menier's disease :

  • Ardrak (Ginger) rasayan with jeggry (gud) at afternoon.
  • Ras dhatu vardhanam
  • Nasal administration of cow ghee 2-2 drops.
  • Head massage with til tail
  • Cow ghee regular intakes in your diet.