Anuvasan Vasti

The Vasti in which Sneha (medicated oils and or ghee) is used as the main medicine is called Anuvasana Basti. Sushruta has named it as ‘Snaihika Vasti’ (Sneha = Medicated fats, mainly ghee and oil). Anuvasana vasti is said to be a type of Sneha Vasti.

Anuvasana means to stay. In Anuvasana Basti, the administered medicines stay for a longer duration inside the intestine (bladder, uterus) but still do not cause any untoward problem. They neither aggravate the Dosha’s nor cause any complication. They in fact cure many diseases stayng inside our system for a longer duration. They can also be administered on a daily basis. Therefore it is called Anuvasana Basti. Depending on the quantity (dosage) of Sneha administered, Anuvasana Vasti is divided into 3 types.

“where in oils and fats are administered.”
1. Sneha Vasti – 6 Prasruta (300ml) medicines is given.

2. Anuvasana Vasti – ½ of Sneha Vasti, i.e. 3 Prasruta (150 ml) medicines is given.

3. Matra Vasti- dose of matra vasti 60-75 ml, that dose of sneha which gets digested by 6 hrs.

General Indication of Anuvasan vasti-

When kapha and pitta are diminished, when vata prakopa and pathology is localized in the pelvic region associated with malabandh anuvasan vasti is indicated.

We are using different combination of oil according to the diseases and patient condition for better result. Sometime kalka dravya is also adding in anuvasana vasti.