Anjana is an eye therapy in which herbo-mineral preparation raskriya (Eye drops) Gutika and powders are used to clarify and enhance vision and prevent eye diseases. This also helps to remove foreign body sensation, itching and burning sensation in the eyes. Anjana relaxes and soothes the eyes and bringing beauty and luster to the eyes.

Application of anjan in the form of paste into the conjunctival fornices with an applicator (salaka).

Salaka is a rod like device 8-10 inches long with blunt ends.

It is a procedure in which the medicine is applied in the form of collerium.

Anjanam is a method which has a broad spectrum of application in the field of opthalmology . it can be used as a treatment and also as a preventve measure.

Drug used: Compound drugs prepared out of metals,minerals and herbs.

When the eyes are fatiqued by strong Anjana, applying a Pratyanjana – counter eye-salve which is in the form of powder and cold in effect should be done

Application of collyrium is suitable for the person who has his body purified by Vamana, Virechana etc, in whom the Doshas are localized in the eyes only, when signs of fully ripened state such as slight oedema (Alpa shopha), severe itching (Ati kandu) and sliminess (Paichilya) are found, when the excretions of the eyes are thick, in persons who are being troubled by Pitta, Kapha and blood and especially in Vata imbalance.


Anjana is very effective treatment of early stage of cataract. Early stage of cataract can be resolved with the ayurvedic treatment without surgery.