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Ashtang ayurveda and panchkarma centre is established with the aim of treating all diseases by our specialized doctor's team under the one roof. Ayurveda is the most ancient medical science used since thousands of years.
The three basic biological pillars of Ayurveda are Vata, Pitta and Kapha. These biological elements originated from the Panchamahabhutas and are commonly called "Triguna" in health states and "Tridosha" in diseased states of the body. Arbitrarily they are referred to as Tridosha". Vata element is produced by combination of "Akasha" and "Vayu" and in the human body it represents "Control", its propulsive effects affect all parts of the body and are brought about through the agency of neuro-musculo-hormonal mechanisms. Smooth co-ordinate movements, functioning of central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems are identified with functions of vata. An abnormal vata can lead to neuro-muscular disorders and hormonal problems. Pitta element is produced from Teja and Jala and constitutes the transfer and flow of energy within the body.

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  • Eye Diseases

    Eye is the window of mind and also told in Ayurveda Netra (Chakshurendriya) is the Pradhan (Key) indriya (Sense organ) in all eleven Indriyas. According to Acharya sushrut Netra rogas is 76 types.

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  • ENT Diseases

    Diseases related to ear Nose and throat in ayurveda mentioned under the section of Shalakya Tantra. Ayurvedic concept and Modern concept of ENT diseases mentioned here in details.

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  • General Diseases

    Trigeminal neuralgia is a most common form of neuralgia that occurs due to the inflammation or compression of trigeminal nerve by an artery or a vein that frequently causes severe facial pain.

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  • Free Text Consultation

    Please write in details about your problems our doctor will reply within 48 hrs.

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  • Testimonials

    It is the wording of Patient's what he evaluates after treatment. Patients Feedback in that words about doctors, staffs, centre, treatment protocol, and disease condition after completion of treatment course.

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  • Case Studies

    It is wording of doctors after treating the successful case of different diseases.

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  • Health Packages

    It is designed for online consultation packages, some patients are not able to consult physically while he needs to take some Ayurvedic treatment for improvement of their health they can plan these package after text consultation or tele-consultation.

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  • Tele Consultation

    Tele-consultation service provides full supports to the patients through telephonic conversations or skyp call. Our doctor will call back you within 24hrs takes complete history make diagnosis and plan for medication. Medicine will be dispatched to your home with complete guidance of methods with diet plan.

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  • Panchakarma Packages

    Panchkarma Therapy is beneficial for healthy as well as diseased persons. The aim of Panchkarma Therapy is purely Purification of body and balancing the vitiated dosas (vata, Pitta and Kapha) and manshik dosa Rajh and Tamha.

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